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Christos Lefkidis, MSc

Clinical Psychologist


I am a Licensed Psychologist (license number 582) with a specialization in the field of Clinical Psychology.

I am a member of the Cyprus Psychological Association and the British Psychological Association, BPS.

My focus group(s) are adults and families. In my practice I help people facing various conditions such as: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, Trauma and Stressor-related Disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, interpersonal difficulties and difficulties in terms of adjusting in one’s living situation.

Throughout my education and work, I have developed an expertise in the treatment of chronic conditions, especially those that present with chronic pain; whether those are musculoskeletal , neurological or psychological.

In my practice I am an avid proponent of technology enhanced therapy. Whether that is a hybrid format of online and face-to-face therapy or online therapy, the medium can help us understand better the inner and private life of the patient(s) whilst also allowing them to have a full and meaningful therapeutic experience from the safety of their own space.


My Values

The 3 "H"s

| Humanity |
| Humility |
| Honesty |

"My therapeutic approach takes into account the presenting problem, the patient’s request, expectations, goals and strengths. I work from an integrationist’s therapeutic point of view with a strong focus on practical changes and finding one’s meaning in life. Furthermore, it’s vital for my work to understand my patient’s philosophy of life and/or help them develop one."

My Experience

01/03/2022- Current - Nicosia, Cyprus 

Clinical Psychologist @ The Safe Place Project​

  • Assessment, Counseling, and Psychotherapy services provided for individuals and their families

  • Clinical Psychologist Services offered to Adult Patients​

01/07/2021- 28/02/2022 - Nicosia, Cyprus 

Head Clinical Psychologist ​ @ Cyprus Pain Clinic

  • Assessment, Counseling and Psychotherapy services offered for chronic pain patients and their families

  • Clinical Psychologist Services offered to Adult Patients

01/03/2021- Current - Nicosia, Cyprus 

Clinical Psychologist @ Heart and Lung Rehabilitation

  • Assessment, Counseling and Psychotherapy services for Patients undergoing Cardiac and Pulmonary rehabilitation​

01/06/2019- Current - Nicosia, Cyprus 

Clinical Psychologist @Private Practice​​​

The following services are also offered via GHS since 1/3/21:

Offering Assessment and Psychotherapy for Adults

(Individuals, Couples, and Families)
Preparing and Executing Psychology-related Seminars


+ 357 96 164383



Damonos 14, Galazis Court 2, Flat 52, Strovolos

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