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P  H  I  L  O  S  O  P  H  Y

"The Safe Place Project" is an idea that has originated in 2020 at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a time of seeking safety, whether that be physical or mental health well-being, the Safe Place Project was born.


It is about creating a space where it feels safe for people who seek help.


It is also a space for young passionate professionals who want to start and take off their careers.

It is about bringing together like-minded healthcare professionals who have a passion for their work and who seek to improve themselves on a daily basis.

Our team consists of professional psychologists  from a variety of specializations:

School and Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology as well as Counselling Psychology.

We provide wellbeing and treatment services, in a place where it feels safe for people who seek treatment.


Our services include and are not limited to one-to-one psychotherapy | psychoeducation | psychological screening & assessment |

psychometric evaluation for learning difficulties | group therapy | workshops | seminars.

We strive to improve ourselves, therefore we conduct frequent peer-to-peer supervision, besides our regular supervision.

We are a team consisting of confident young individuals whose purpose is to accompany those who seek to improve their wellbeing. 

We are at the Safe Place.

Come and join us.

T  H  E    S  P  A  C  E

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T  H  E    T  E  A  M

Orestis Kasinopoulos, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
99 454398
Marina Hadid, MSc
Educational/School Psychologist
96 372189

Ioanna Chrysostomou, M.Sc
Educational/School Psychologist
T: +357 99 204579

Orestis is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with a private practise in Strovolos, Nicosia. He completed his BSc at the University of Nottingham, his MSc at King's College London and his PhD at the University of Cyprus. He has a number of external collaborations including a position as the Clinical Psychologist at the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Centre in Nicosia General Hospital, and an external associate of Kratis Training and Consulting Company. He has been involved in Post doc Research Projects at the University of Cyprus and he is actively involved in scientific research with peer-reviewed publications.  Orestis is the Founder and Co-ordinator of the Safe Place Project

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Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus, a Postgraduate Degree (MSc) in Counselling Psychology from the Keele University, UK and a Phd in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cyprus. She is specialized in Person-Centered therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). During her clinical practicum she has offered psychological services on both individual and group level, in different organizations in Cyprus (Counselling Center of the University of Cyprus, Counselling Center “Ithaki”, Nicosia Central Prison, Nicosia Military Hospital) and collaborated with divergent age groups (i.e., children, adolescents, adults) who were facing various mental problems (i.e., personality, mood and anxiety disorders). Further, during her Phd studies she has been involved in Phd Research Projects at the University of Cyprus, offering group therapy to patients with chronic pain. Also, she has teaching experience to undergraduate University students and to imprisoners. Rebecca’s research interests include clinical and social topics. In her Ph.D. thesis she conducted a qualitative, dialogical case study in a Cypriot community mental rehabilitation center and explored how residents (i.e., people with schizophrenia diagnosis) and health professionals represent mental illness causes, daily life, working experiences, and relationships at the center, and how they construct the identity of the mentally ill.

Marina Hadid is a registered School/Educational Psychologist.
She received her Psychology degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and her School/Educational Psychology master’s degree (3 years) with honors from the University of Nicosia. During my internship, she offered Consulting and Evaluation services to children, teenagers, and parents in different institutions of Nicosia as well as private schools, in Greek, English, and Arabic. She has worked using various approaches mainly based on cognitive-behavioral and systemic therapy.
Professionally, Marina has had substantial experience in working with minority social groups. Moreover,
she had the opportunity to conduct two qualitative and quantitative studies about the lives of refugees in Cyprus and Greece.
Currently, she is working as a learning support assistant for a child with autism in a private school. Marina has her private office at “The Safe Place Project” working as a School/Educational Psychologist in the Nicosia prefecture.

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Anna Antoniou, MSc
Counselling Psychologist
T: +357 99 129007

Anna Antoniou has completed her bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Cyprus and her postgraduate diploma in Counseling Psychology at the University of Neapolis in Paphos. During her postgraduate studies she has also collaborated with the Neapolis University’s Counseling Center, as well as with the Social Welfare Services of Cyprus. She is a registered Counseling Psychologist and she is experienced in a wide range of mental health disorders and psychopathology. A few of the services she provides consist of individual therapy, problem-solving and personal development, couples therapy, and couples counseling. Additionally, she is also keen on providing psychoeducation and experiential workshops. Finally, she has participated in Research programs held by the University of Cyprus and she is also involved in publications in scientific journals. Her private office is located in The Safe Place Project.

Ioanna Chrysostomou graduated from the University of Salford, where she was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She successfully completed her Master's degree in School Psychology, at the University of Nicosia, with 1100+ hours of supervised clinical practicum. In 2020 she attained her certification as a Licensed Psychologist from the Council of Registered Professional Psychologists with a registration number: 646.

She is currently providing services in a number of contexts such as kindergartens, assessment and counselling centres, while maintaining her private practise at "The Safe Place Project". Ioanna provides psychometric assessments, counselling services for children and adolescents, parental counselling in addition to psychoeducational and experiential workshops.

She has received extensive training in specific and widely used assessment tools, such as: WISC-V, WPPSI-III, WAIS-VI, RAVENS, and ADHD Assessment) while having attended seminars.  Her psychological approaches range from use of Positive Behavior Support (PBS), Positive Discipline Methods, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) approach.

Christos Lefkidis, MSc
Clinical Psychologist
T: +357 96 16 43 83

"My therapeutic approach takes into account the presenting problem, the patient’s request, expectations, goals and strengths. I work from an integrationist’s therapeutic point of view with a strong focus on practical changes and finding one’s meaning in life. Furthermore, it’s vital for my work to understand my patient’s philosophy of life and/or help them develop one."

Katerina Konikkou PhD
Clinical Psychologist
T: +357 99 258226

Dr Katerina Konikkou is a registered Clinical Psychologist in Cyprus. She sees individuals (adults and adolescents) at her private practice in Nicosia.

Dr Konikkou has obtained her Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Cyprus in 2011 with a scholarship from Loukis Akritas Foundation. Following that, she moved to Amsterdam (Vrije University) where she obtained her Masters of Clinical Neurosciences with a scholarship from Leventis Foundation in 2015. She then moved to Melbourne Australia where she worked as a research affiliate at Monash University and alongside received her clinical hypnotherapy certificate at the Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne. She finally received her PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2020 from the University of Cyprus.

She has gained extensive clinical experience during her internships at VU University medical center (Netherlands)  and various medical centers in Melbourne such as the Kingston Center/Monash health. She later worked in Nicosia during her PhD practice as a trainee clinical psychologist at the mental health clinic of the University of Cyprus, at Hope for Children organisation and Ithaki  counseling center. She opened her first private practice in Cyprus in 2020.

Next to her clinical work, Dr Konikkou is a certified clinical Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) technician and received  a competitive funding for her research with her PhD supervisor Dr. Kostas Fanti  form the RESTART 2016-2020 Programs offered by the Institute of Research and Innovation foundation. She currently hold a clinical research coordinator position at the University of Cyprus where she combines TMS therapy with Attention Modification Training .

Rebecca Mouyi PhD
Clinical Psychologist
T: +357 99 117987

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