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P  H  I  L  O  S  O  P  H  Y

"The Safe Place Project" is an idea that has originated in 2020 at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a time of seeking safety, whether that be physical or mental health well-being, the Safe Place Project was born.


It is about creating a space where it feels safe for people who seek help.


It is also a space for young passionate professionals who want to start and take off their careers.

It is about bringing together like-minded healthcare professionals who have a passion for their work and who seek to improve themselves on a daily basis.

Our team consists of professional psychologists  from a variety of specializations:

School and Educational Psychology, Clinical Psychology as well as Counselling Psychology.

We provide wellbeing and treatment services, in a place where it feels safe for people who seek treatment.


Our services include and are not limited to one-to-one psychotherapy | psychoeducation | psychological screening & assessment |

psychometric evaluation for learning difficulties | group therapy | workshops | seminars.

We strive to improve ourselves, therefore we conduct frequent peer-to-peer supervision, besides our regular supervision.

We are a team consisting of confident young individuals whose purpose is to accompany those who seek to improve their wellbeing. 

We are at the Safe Place.

Come and join us.

T  H  E    S  P  A  C  E

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T  H  E    T  E  A  M


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"The way I approach therapy is a bit like this metaphor: We are each climbing our own mountain called life. The only difference however, is that from the mountain that I am climbing, I may be able to see the safest, or the most interesting route for you, help you identify any obstacles and get them through, in order to continue to your destination".


"My commitment, looking through your own window, is to create a fertile ground for the change you desire in your life. Through the use of effective therapeutic interventions which will be based on empirical knowledge and the most modern scientific findings in the field of Psychotherapy, the aim is self-improvement but also personal development and self-awareness in general."

"My philosophy is based on the creation of a therapeutic relationship characterized by acceptance, respect, trust, honesty, and empathetic understanding combined with the use of evidence-based interventions. Hence, I am dedicated to the individuals’ self-awareness promotion, commitment to a life in accordance with their values, and the exploration of the meaning of life”.


"My therapeutic approach takes into account the presenting problem, the patient’s request, expectations, goals and strengths. I work from an integrationist’s therapeutic point of view with a strong focus on practical changes and finding one’s meaning in life. Furthermore, it’s vital for my work to understand my patient’s philosophy of life and/or help them develop one."

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Elena Zarouna, MSc
Counselling Psychologist

Anna Antoniou has completed her bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Cyprus and her postgraduate diploma in Counseling Psychology at the University of Neapolis in Paphos. During her postgraduate studies she has also collaborated with the Neapolis University’s Counseling Center, as well as with the Social Welfare Services of Cyprus. She is a registered Counseling Psychologist and she is experienced in a wide range of mental health disorders and psychopathology. A few of the services she provides consist of individual therapy, problem-solving and personal development, couples therapy, and couples counseling. Additionally, she is also keen on providing psychoeducation and experiential workshops. Finally, she has participated in Research programs held by the University of Cyprus and she is also involved in publications in scientific journals. Her private office is located in The Safe Place Project.

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Anthoulla Papageorgiou, M.A.
Educational/School Psychologist

"My philosophy? Children are the future! So if we invest in children then we also invest in a better world! We can give them wings and they can fly high following their own unique path."

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The Safe Place Project

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Strovolos, Nicosia

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