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The following are three of the main services that our team of licensed professional psychologists offer:

Life coaching


One-to-one sessions with a professional of your choice. Therapy is tailored to your needs and problem, which are discussed in a collaborative context, in order to help you get through them. You could expect to gain new skills and and techniques to address the issues that brought you to therapy.

You can choose between face-to-face and online sessions.


Learning Difficulties Assessments 

You might be a parent who worries that your child may be experiencing learning difficulties at school, or notice that your child exhibits behavioral problems.

Your child can be assessed by a School-Educational Psychologist who through a series of tests and screening will be able to identify where the problems lie, and provide a treatment plan for the family, the system (school) as well as the individual (child)

Outdoor Reading

Personal Development

Working towards personal development involves overcoming psychological, emotional and/or background obstacles. It makes us grow and leave behind past attitudes that were keeping us stuck in a place instead of getting ahead in our lives.

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