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Rebecca Mouyi, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Rebecca holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Cyprus, a Postgraduate Degree (MSc) in Counselling Psychology from the Keele University, UK and a Phd in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cyprus. She is specialized in Person-Centered therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

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“My hope, faith, and love for human existence and science has led me to choose the field of psychology. I believe all human beings are amazing, unique, psychosomatic creatures with incredible capacities, talents, courage and resilience. Listening to people of all ages narrating their personal stories fascinates and inspires me to see the world through their eyes.


My philosophy is based on the creation of a therapeutic relationship characterized by acceptance, respect, trust, honesty, and empathetic understanding combined with the use of evidence-based interventions. Hence, I am dedicated to the individuals’ self-awareness promotion, commitment to a life in accordance with their values, and the exploration of the meaning of life”.


During her clinical practicum, she has offered psychological services on both individual and group levels, in different organizations in Cyprus (Counselling Center of the University of Cyprus, Counselling Center “Ithaki”, Nicosia Central Prison, Nicosia Military Hospital) and collaborated with divergent age groups (i.e., children, adolescents, adults) who were facing various mental problems (i.e., personality, mood, and anxiety disorders). Further, during her Ph.D. studies, she has been involved in Ph.D. Research Projects at the University of Cyprus, offering group therapy to patients with chronic pain.

Also, she has teaching experience to undergraduate University students and to imprisoners. Rebecca’s research interests include clinical and social topics. In her Ph.D. thesis, she conducted a qualitative, dialogical case study in a Cypriot community mental rehabilitation center and explored how residents (i.e., people with schizophrenia diagnosis) and health professionals represent mental illness causes, daily life, working experiences, and relationships at the center, and how they construct the identity of the mentally ill.

Damonos 14, Galazis Court 2, Flat 51, Strovolos

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