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Stylianos Constantinou, MSc

Clinical Psychologist


Let's get to know each other…


My name is Stylianos Constantinou and I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist. I obtained an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Crete and then a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from the European University of Cyprus.


My interest in Clinical Psychology did not stop here... 


I completed additional training in Psycho-Oncology, offered by the International Psycho-Oncology Society in collaboration with the European School of Oncology. This training was an important motivation for me to enrich my knowledge in the field of Psycho-Oncology. So, at the first opportunity I attended and successfully completed my training in Clinical Hypnosis for Cancer Pain Management from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in partnership with the National Cancer Institute. I also hold a certificate of professional training in the systemic psychotherapy of children and adolescents, after completing a one-year program from the Family Institute of Cyprus.


Always keeping in mind the words of one of our great teachers... "this is our duty as scientists... study and contribution..." study is an integral part of my work. I am a member of internationally recognized scientific organizations including the American Psychological Association, The British Psychological Society, Society of Clinical Psychology, Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Society of Health Psychology, Society of Pediatric Psychology, Division of Trauma Psychology, Society of Psychological Hypnosis, International Psycho-Oncology Society…


…constantly attending a multitude of trainings


My contact and collaboration with people is not limited to just these... I take every opportunity for any kind of contact with the public... through presentations on TV shows, participating in podcasts, participating in Instagram Lives, writing articles in the field of psychology, hosting journalistic column…. Always focusing on the Human...

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My Philosophy

"My philosophy is based on a great lesson I received from my mentor…

"for everyone you have in front of you, know that they are first and foremost HUMAN." With this in mind, I am always there for my client… to listen carefully… for them to share with me what concerns them… to give them space and time… and to reach the therapeutic goals together…"

My Experience

My experience in the field of psychology goes back to my studies.... I was lucky enough to participate in internships in schools and work with students… I was also given the opportunity to practice at the Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital, in outpatient clinics and at the Center for Applied Psychology and Personal Development of the European University of Cyprus, working with many people, who face various difficulties...


After completing my studies, I joined the scientific team of Dr. Giorgos Astra, working for a year with oncology patients and relatives of oncology patients...


Then, wanting to work with a wider range of cases, I worked privately offering Clinical Psychology services to children, adolescents, and adults.


I continued to provide Clinical Psychology services to the same populations, adding another population to my clientele... people with chronic pain... I worked for about a year and a half at the Cyprus Pain Clinic. As part of my collaboration with the Cyprus Pain Clinic, I had the opportunity and luck to collaborate with the Safe Place Project. Having only positive impressions from my cooperation with the Safe Place Project, I consciously made the decision to join this group.


With the experiences I listed above and remaining on the ramparts of continuing education, starting April 2023 I continue to provide my services as a Clinical Psychologist to children, teenagers, and adults, as a member of the Safe Place Project team.


+ 357 99860686



Damonos 14, Galazis Court 2, Flat 52, Strovolos

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